Symmetry SR Retrofit Controllers

The Symmetry SR-2000 is a four door xed conguration F/2F access controller. The SR-2000 includes, as standard equipment, ten auxiliary inputs and eight auxiliary relay outputs, and no additional expansion modules are required.


  • High-density solution for new or retrofit access control
  • Connects to Symmetry Security Management Software via LAN, WAN, RS232 or Modem
  • AES (128 or 256 bit) encrypted communications to Symmetry supported over LAN/WAN
  • Each SR-DBU can manage up to 16 doors and card readers
  • Modular mix and match configuration using plug-in circuit boards
  • Connect smart card, proximity, or legacy magstripe card readers
  • Onboard support for up to 8 Wiegand card readers when using SR-DC2 modules
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