Ceiling Loudspeaker CE 565 & CE5 65E

The CE 565 / CE 565E ceiling loudspeakers are specially designed for low ceiling applications such as supermarkets, offices, and restaurants. These ceiling loudspeakers are capable of reproducing voice announcements and background music with high clarity

The unit’s impeccable sound quality and broadband frequency response are attributed to its 120 mm dynamic full range loudspeaker component to accurately reproduce the source signal with minimal sound discolouration. Mounted on to a high impact ABS grille with an off-white finish and covered with an aesthetically pleasing front metal mesh.

Both models are spring mounted to the ceiling for easer of installation without the need of screws. All models come with a multiple impedance line matching transformer, suitable for 70 V or 100 V distributed loudspeaker system with a maximum power handling of 6 W rated at 100 V. Model CR 565E comes with a metal back enclosure for installations that require it.

Key Features

  • Off-white circular flush mounted high impact ABS grilled with n aesthetically pleasing front metal mesh
  • 120 mm dynamic full range loudspeaker component for a wide frequency response.
  • Wide coverage angle reduces the number of loudspeaker units required for evenly distributed sound coverage
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