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Belt Camera

It is a normal man buckle but hidden inside is a CMOS camera with the DVR system. No buttons are on the surface so nobody will know that there is a camera inside. Users can use a magnet ring, an accessory, to power on and start recording. Easy operation for this device and users can also change the label in front.

Model No:WO-POWERCAM01 (Power / Electrical Outlet Camera)

(Power Outlet Camera), (Electrical Outlet Camera), (Spy Power Outlet Camera), (Camera in Power Outlet)

Is this a normal power outlet? No, this is design as a normal power outlet,but build in a camera with DVR system inside, the most powerful is support voice detect function, when the outside voice over 65DB, then the device will start recording, after 5 minutes will stop automatically, when the voice over 65DB, the device will start recording again, this function allow you to put it in your home when you out, you can check it back, it is also can be put in any where to recording the object you want. it is also support manual recording easily, resolution 640x480 with 30 fps allow you to recording the moving target with clear video.


  • Resolution:640x480
  • Frame:30F/S
  • Real time recording in AVI video format
  • Playback video on PC or Cell Phone
  • Color video with voice
  • Support micro SD card from 128MB to 4GB(without memory inside)
  • Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable
  • Battery type : Lithium-ion
  • Record time : up to 5 hours

Watch Camera

This Watch Camera is the best choice for men. It is nicely designed with a CMOS camera inside. Its resolution of 352x288 and frame of 15 fps allows users to take clear videos. There is no need to install any drivers as it is a normal USB disk. The Watch Camera is quite easy to use as users can just press one button to start recording. The LED will not be powered on during recording for spy purposes.

Tissue Box Camera

(Tissue Box Camera), (Camera in Tissue Box), (Camera in Box), (Spy Camera in Box).


  • Video Format: AVI
  • Resolution: 352*288
  • Voice recording Yes
  • Internal memory Yes
  • Flash 2GB
  • Video file size >500KB per min
  • Recording mode continuous recording until memory is full or manually off
  • Adaptor type USB adaptor charging cable
  • Battery type Lithium-ion

Date and Time Stamp Pen Camera

3GP small size date and time stamp pen camera with high resolution 640x480, 30fps and stable picture quality.


  • Small size like normal pen
  • 3GP format allow it work with Mac OS X system
  • 640x480 and 30fps can take video very clear


  • Resolution:640*480
  • Frame:25 fps
  • Real time recording in 3GP video format
  • Internal memory:4GB
  • Playback video on PC
  • Work as PC Camera, Take picture function
  • Dimension:14.7*140mm
  • Weight:20g
  • Picture Resolution:2048*1536
  • Video Resolution:640*480
  • Frame:30 fps
  • Sensitive:0.4LUX(1.3V/LUX.SEC)
  • Camera Pixel:320 Mega
  • Video file size; >500KB per min
  • Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable
  • Battery type : Lithium-ion
  • Record time : up to 2.5 hours

Vehicle Camera

TruVision IP Wireless Observation Kit


  • Built in 1/3” Sony CCD & DSP element.
  • High resolution, Low lux, High-speed reaction, much more advance than CMOS type.
  • High image quality with good performance, like professional photography specialty.
  • MPEG 4 compression format, minimum video file capacity.
  • Full digital signage transmission, with the least distortion.
  • Chip compressed with high speed, caused high quality and fast reaction in image. (30 D1/SEC NTSCs; 25 D1/SEC PALs).
  • The image is stored with CF card, vibrations free totally while vehicle being driven.
  • Video image can be viewed simultaneously when connect to monitor.
  • Complete record of time /date can be shown on the screen while is on the process of playback.
  • Full & reliable recording event lists, easily search.
  • Friendly use for operation of PC viewer.