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Integrated Security & Communication System


  • Up to 120 video entrance stations and 8 master stations
  • All wired on CAT5 (4P), homerun cabling
  • 3 PC emote monitoring & control, programmable, event logging

Handsfree Color Video Intercom

  • Support two door stations & three inside stations
  • System has built in Picture Memory, Voice Memo, and Message for Entrance features
  • Picture recorded, 8 shots per picture, max 50 pictures

Axis Network Cameras

  • Enable remote viewing & recording from anywhere in the world
  • Also provide advance video analytical features such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm
  • Users tend to save on cabling costing and expenses

Avantis Alarm System

  • Equipped with CMS feature allows user to access 24 hours with any CMS service provider
  • Avantis comes with automation controls up to mxi. of 8 automation points. Functions such as lightning, appliance and even air conditioner
  • Consists of advanced auto dialer module which create awareness
  • Support 9 zones and 4 keypads

Honeywell 6270 TouchCenter

    The 6270 TouchCenter keypad makes it easier than ever for your customers to take advantage of their security system features.The intuitive graphical touchscreen display provides easy centralized control for a variety of daily tasks for systems in homes or businesses.

    It also keeps the users in touch, with a built-in message center that lets them record and playback messages for one another. Best of all, you have an opportunity to offer your customers a unique new product at a price they can afford.


Casi-Rusco T-5XXSW Proximity Readers

Simultaneously supports GE and HID Corporation (including Corporate 1000) Proximity, MIFARE CSN (ISO 14443A), MIFARE/DESFire CSN, and Vicinity CSN (ISO 15693)credentials, including HID iCLASS CSN, with optional GSA approved PIV support.

  • Allows easy migration from Proximity to MIFARE and Vicinity
  • Smart card technologies
  • Offers high-reliability, consistent read-range performance and low power consumption
  • Installs on both metal and non-metal surfaces
  • Provides tri-color LEDs and beep indication for status, alarm and tamper conditions
  • Internal tamper alarm alerts security personnel if the reader is breached

Casi-Rusco Micro 3000PXN Controller

  • Rugged all-steel enclosure with key lock
  • Removable cover with tamper switch
  • Screw terminal connector plugs for error-free maintenance
  • Internal power supply with battery backup
  • FCC, Class A and CE compliant
  • Optional micro/reader junction box that can be used to facilitate
  • connection of door hardware
  • Optional rack mounting kit

GE Wireless CCTV System

TruVision™ IP Wireless Observation Kit

The TruVision™ IP Wireless Observation Kit delivers a complete video surveillance solution that allows users to view live or recorded video via wireless connection. Ideal for homes and small business offices, the 802.11 b/g network system is easy to install with included wireless access point, wireless infrared (IR) cameras, and a wireless network video recorder (NVR).

  • Wireless video transmission for easy installation and convenient viewing options.
  • Includes 802.11 b/g wireless access point for easy setup.
  • 2-way audio feature delivers listen-in and talk-back capability.
  • 640 x 480 image capture monitor ensures detailed image quality.
  • Built-in quad viewer displays surveillance from multiple cameras at one time.
  • Web interface allows users to configure system and play back video via web.
  • Built-in infrared illuminators allow viewing in total darkness.
  • Full-featured software client allows users to view up to 16 cameras across mulitiple systems.

FUHO DVR Combo CVR-401

  • 4-Ch DVR with 7” TFT LCD.
  • Folding LCD screen, simple and best for household use.
  • Triplex (Recording, Playback, remote monitoring).
  • Up to 60 fps in recording speed.
  • Advance Motion JPEG, Apx. 12K bit per frame.
  • Recommended HDD & record setting: 1 x 250GB SATA, set at 15fps, may record 15days.
  • USB backup and playback recorded data on PC with provided Viewer software.
  • User friendly, easy to operate
  • Energy-Saving up to 80% comparing to traditional standalone DVR.

GE Intercom System

Video Door Phone Villa Series VL-DPT56-W

  • 12vdc operating voltage
  • Current consumption 600mA
  • 5.6 inch TFT LCD screen
  • Hands free operation
  • Slim look
  • 72dBA sound level
  • Surface mounting
  • -20 ~ +55 deg C working temperature
  • Dimension : 240 X 170 X 20 mm

Video Door Phone Villa Series VLP-DC2-A

  • 12vdc operating voltage
  • Current consumption 150mA
  • 1/3 inch CCD camera
  • 8 seconds unlock delay time
  • 0.8 Lux at F1.2 minimum illumination
  • Camera with auto infra-red function for low light operation
  • 2 door entrance station can connect to 4 door phones
  • -30 ~ +55 deg C working temperature
  • Dimension : 89 X 141 X 33 mm

Video Door Phone Villa Series VLP-WC-PT

  • Weatherproof cover
  • For VLP-DC2-A
  • Semi flush mounting
  • External Dimension : 188 X 126 X 93 mm
  • Embedded Dimension : 169 X 108 X 42 mm

SOCA: Proximity Access Control

ST-120 Light and slim series

  • Waterproof design to install outdoors.
  • Stainless steel keypad (3*4) with indicator light at night.
  • Signal output from dry contact when the reader is tampered with force.
  • It is available for anti-theft unit to connect.
  • External door open relay module to enhance security.
  • Optional SC-100 plate to use.
  • Card capacity: 1000

ST-320 Waterproof Reader

  • Waterproof design to install outdoors. 12 stainless steel buttons and door bell button. Super bright indicator light BAR.
  • All-in-one design with reader and controller for easy installation.
  • Relay output can be set as trigger state or toggle state to integrate with anti-theft unit.
  • Optional SC-300 plate to use.
  • Card capacity: 2000

ST-680 LED type series

  • 16X2 STN ultra wide backlight display screen. 12 stainless steel buttons.
  • Relay output can be set as trigger state or toggle state and it is available to integrate with anti-theft unit.
  • Card capacity: 2000

ST-700 Series

  • Multiple waterproof design to install outdoors. Built-in door bell output.
  • Signal output from dry contact when the reader is tampered with force.
  • It is available for anti-theft unit to connect.
  • Output signal: WIEGAND 26/34 Bit.
  • Slim fit designed which only requires width of 6cm to install.

SOCA: Time and Attendance

ST-6000 Professional Time and Attendance

  • Industrial type of wide angle backlight 128*64 LCM graphic mode display.
  • 6 default states. 7 self-set states. Built-in access control function. Suitable for complicated work shifts or company or factory with vast number of employees use.
  • Output of self-set txt file to integrate other attendance software or ERP system.

SOCA: Programmer Series

SP-100 Proximity Card Programmer Series

  • Continuous data (card number) programming with auto increment function.
  • 125KHz or 13.56MHz formats.(two type)
  • It is able to read text files (numbers)
  • Use of USB to connect.

Probuck: Fingerprint Time AttendanceAccess Control

AC200 Series

AC300 Series

Probuck: Fingerprint Time Attendance

AT100 Series

Probuck: Fingerprint Locks

K Series

F Series

U1 Series

U2 Series

C Series

E Series

E2 Series

L Series

Probuck: Proximity Card Lock

D1 Series

D2 Series